For everyone!

Cargobikes are available in a number of accessible spaces in Budapest as part of the Community Cargobike Platform. Through the online platform you can view a list of cargobike types and their host locations, and after a quick registration process you can reserve a bike for yourself at the appropriate time.

Borrow a cargobike or trailer

For at least a day

Borrowing bikes for a longer time duration is possible as well!

Currently available cargobicycles:

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What is a cargobike good for?

What is a cargobike good for? With a cargobike you can transport up to 100 kg in a short time. There is no need to fill up a gas tank and parking is no problem.

  How does it work?

For city dwellers

Enjoy car-free support for big shopping trips, moving in or out, weekend picnics and transporting kids, dogs and family members.


For Cargobikers:

Having trouble storing your bike? Is keeping up with maintenance expensive? If you would be willing to let others use your bike securely while it is not in use please let us know and we can help!


For community spaces:

Hosting a cargobike in your community space can help increase traffic of patrons, while you can also use the bike personally for new services related to your activities or business.


For Budapest:

Cargobike deliveries help reduce air pollution while supporting a cleaner, quieter and more pedestrian friendly urban environment.